Console access is wrapped in API that permits to show output of any command as ANSI, w32 console or HTML formats (more to come: ncurses, Pango etc.) This allows radare's core to run inside environments with limited displaying capabilities, like kernels or embedded devices. It is still possible to receive data from it in your favorite format. To enable colors support by default, add a corresponding configuration option to the .radare2 configuration file:

$ echo 'e scr.color=true' >> ~/.radare2rc

It is possible to configure color of almost any element of disassembly output. For *NIX terminals, r2 accepts color specification in RGB format. To change the console color palette use ec command. Type ec to get a list of all currently used colors. Type ecs to show a color palette to pick colors from:


xvilka theme

ec fname rgb:0cf
ec label rgb:0f3
ec math rgb:660
ec bin rgb:f90
ec call rgb:f00
ec jmp rgb:03f
ec cjmp rgb:33c
ec offset rgb:366
ec comment rgb:0cf
ec push rgb:0c0
ec pop rgb:0c0
ec cmp rgb:060
ec nop rgb:000
ec b0x00 rgb:444
ec b0x7f rgb:555
ec b0xff rgb:666
ec btext rgb:777
ec other rgb:bbb
ec num rgb:f03
ec reg rgb:6f0
ec fline rgb:fc0
ec flow rgb:0f0


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