Migration from ida, GDB or WinDBG

How to run the program using the debugger

r2 -d /bin/ls - start in debugger mode => [video]

How do I attach/detach to running process ? (gdb -p)

r2 -d <pid> - attach to process

r2 ptrace://pid - same as above, but only for io (not debugger backend hooked)

[0x7fff6ad90028]> o-225 - close fd=225 (listed in o~[1]:0)

r2 -D gdb gdb://localhost:1234 - attach to gdbserver

How to set args/environnement variable/load a specific libraries for the debugging session of radare

Use rarun2 (libpath=$PWD:/tmp/lib, arg2=hello, setenv=FOO=BAR ...) see rarun2 -h / man rarun2

How to script radare2 ?

r2 -i <scriptfile> ... - run a script after loading the file => [video]

r2 -I <scriptfile> ... - run a script before loading the file

r2 -c $@ | awk $@ - run thru awk get asm from function => [link]

[0x80480423]> . scriptfile - interpret this file => [video]

[0x80480423]> #!c - enter C repl (see #! to list all available RLang plugins) => [video], everything have to be done in a oneliner or a .c file must be passed as an argument.

To get #!python and much more, just build radare2-bindings

How to list Source code as in gdb list ?

CL TODO, see #1783


Command IDA Pro radare2 r2 (visual mode) GDB WinDbg
Analysis of everything Automatically launched when opening a binary aaa or -A (aaaa or -AA for even experimental analysis) N/A N/A N/A
xref to x axt x N/A N/A
xref from ctrl + j axf X N/A N/A
xref to graph ? agt [offset] ? N/A N/A
xref from graph ? agf [offset] ? N/A N/A
list functions alt + 1 afl;is t N/A N/A
listing alt + 2 pdf p N/A N/A
hex mode alt + 3 pxa P N/A N/A
imports alt + 6 ii :ii N/A N/A
exports alt + 7 is~FUNC ? N/A N/A
follow jmp/call enter s offset enter or 0-9 N/A N/A
undo seek esc s- u N/A N/A
redo seek ctrl+enter s+ U N/A N/A
show graph space agv V N/A N/A
rename n afn dr N/A N/A
graph view space agv V N/A N/A
define as data d Cd [size] dd,db,dw,dW N/A N/A
define as code c C- [size] d- or du N/A N/A
define as undefined u C- [size] d- or du N/A N/A
define as string A Cs [size] ds N/A N/A
define as struct Alt+Q Cf [size] dF N/A N/A
Start Process/ Continue execution F9 dc F9 r and c g
Terminate Process Ctrl+F2 dk 9 ? kill q
Detach ? o- ? detach
step into F7 ds s n
step into 4 instructions ? ds 4 F7 n 4
step over F8 dso S s
step until a specific address ? dsu <addr> ? s
Run until return Ctrl+F7 dcr ? finish
Run until cursor F4 #249 #249 N/A N/A
Show Backtrace ? dbt ? bt
display Register On register Windows dr all Shown in Visual mode info registers
display eax On register Windows dr?eax Shown in Visual mode info registers eax
display old state of all registers ? dro ? ? ?
display function addr + N ? afi $$ - display function information of current offset ($$) ? ? ?
display frame state ? pxw rbp-rsp@rsp ? i f ?
How to step until condition is true ? dsi ? ? ?
Update a register value ? dr rip=0x456 ? set $rip=0x456 ?
disassembly forward N/A pd Vp disas uf, u
disassembly N instructions N/A pd X Vp x/i
disassembly N (backward) N/A pd -X Vp disas <a-o> <a> ub
Information on the bin
Sections/regions Menu sections iS or S (append j for json) N/A maint info sections !address
Load symbol file
Sections/regions pdb menu asm.dwarf.file, pdb.XX) N/A add-symbol-file r
Stack Trace N/A dbt N/A bt k
Stack Trace in Json N/A dbtj N/A
Partial Backtrace (innermost) N/A dbt (dbg.btdepth dbg.btalgo) N/A bt k
Partial Backtrace (outermost) N/A dbt (dbg.btdepth dbg.btalgo) N/A bt -
Stacktrace for all threads N/A dbt@t N/A thread apply all bt ~*
Breakpoint list Ctrl+Alt+B db ? info breakpoints
add breakpoint F2 db [offset] F2 break bp
Switch to thread Thread menu dp N/A thread <N> ~<N>s
Frame Numbers N/A ? N/A any bt command kn
Select Frame N/A ? N/A frame .frame
Display parameters N/A afv N/A info args dv /t /i /V
Display parameters N/A afv N/A info locals dv /t /i /V
Display parameters/locals in json N/A afvj N/A info locals dv /t /i /V
list addresses where vars are accessed(R/W) N/A afvR/afvW N/A ? ?
Project Related
open project Po [file] ?
save project automatic Ps [file] ?
show project informations Pi [file] ?
Dump byte char array N/A pc? (json, C, char, etc.) Vpppp x/bc db
options option menu e? e
search search menu /? Select the zone with the cursor c then /

Equivalent of "set-follow-fork-mode" gdb command

This can be done using 2 commands:

  1. dcf - until a fork happen
  2. then use dp to select what process you want to debug.

Common features

  • r2 accepts FLIRT signatures
  • r2 can connect to GDB, LLVM and WinDbg
  • r2 can write/patch in place
  • r2 have fortunes and [s]easter eggs[/s]balls of steel
  • r2 can do basic loading of ELF core files from the box and MDMP (Windows minidumps)

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