Compilation on Windows

Meson (MSVC)

The most native way to compile radare2 under Windows is to use msvc with meson. Before compiling, note that we also provide binaries available here or here.


First you need python3 to be installed on your computer. Once this is done, you can install the meson build system using pip3 install meson (with Administrator privileges). Now navigate to your Python installation folder, and copy the from .\Scripts subfolder into your radare2 folder.

Meson also requires Ninja. You can download it from here. Copy ninja.exe binary into your radare2 folder.


To build r2 with meson, you have to follow the traditional meson way which consists in the following commands:

meson build
ninja -C build

Alternatively you can use the script, but it is going to be deprecated.

python sys\

You can also generate a visual studio project:

python sys\ --backend=vs2017 --project


Now that you successfully compiled radare2, you might want to gather every executables and requirements into the same place. The command below will collect everything and put it into the dist folder.

python sys\ --install dist

You can now test your newly crafted radare2 binary easily:

E:\radare2>cd dist
E:\radare2\dist>radare2.exe -v

Mingw32 (deprecated)

The easy way to compile things for Windows is using Mingw32. The w32 builds distributed from the radare homepage are generated from a GNU/Linux box using Mingw32 and they are tested with Wine. Also keep in mind, that Mingw-w64 isn't tested, so no guarantees here.

Be sure to setup your Mingw32 to compile with thread model: win32, not posix, and target should be mingw32. Before the starting of compilation you need to setup git first, for a proper automatic fetching of capstone:

git config --global core.autocrlf true
git config --global core.filemode false

The following is an example of compiling with MinGW32 (you need to have installed zip for Windows):

CC=i486-mingw32-gcc ./configure
make w32dist
zip -r w32-build

This generates a native, 32-bit console application for Windows. The 'i486-mingw32-gcc' compiler is the one I have in my box, you will probably need to change this.

To simplify the building under Windows/Mingw32 there is a script in radare2 sources: sys/mingw32.bat. Simply run it from the cmd.exe (or ConEmu/cmd.exe). It assumes that you have Mingw32 installed in C:\Mingw and Git in C:\Program Files (x86)\Git. If you want to use another installations, just set MINGW_PATH and GIT_PATH variables correspondingly:

set MINGW_PATH=D:\Mingw32
set "GIT_PATH=E:\Program and Stuff\Git"

Please, note, that this script should be run from radare2 directory.

There is a script that automates process of detecting the crosscompiler toolchain configuration, and builds a zip file containing r2 programs and libraries that can be deployed on Windows or Wine:


Cygwin (deprecated)

Cygwin is another possibility; however, issues related to Cygwin libraries can make debugging difficult. But using binary compiled for Cygwin will allow you to use Unicode in the Windows console, and to have 16 million colors.

Note, Cygwin build require exactly the opposite git configuration, so setup git first, for a proper automatic fetching of capstone:

git config --global core.autocrlf false

Please, be sure to build radare2 from the same environment you're going to use r2 in. If you are going to use r2 in MinGW32 shell or cmd.exe — you should build r2 in the MinGW32 environment. And if you are going to use r2 in Cygwin — you have to build r2 from the Cygwin shell. Since Cygwin is more UNIX-compatible than MinGW, the radare2 supports more colors and Unicode symbols if build using the former one.

Mingw-W64 (deprecated)

export http_proxy=<user>:<pass>@zz-wwwproxy-90-v:8080
export https_proxy=$http_proxy
export ftp_proxy=$http_proxy
export rsync_proxy=$http_proxy
export rsync_proxy=$http_proxy
export no_proxy="localhost,,localaddress"
  • Update packages:
pacman --needed -Sy bash pacman pacman-mirrors msys2-runtime mingw-w64-x86_64-toolchain
  • Close MSYS2, run it again from Start menu and update the rest with
pacman -Su
  • Install the building essentials:
pacman -S git make zip gcc patch
  • Compile the radare2:
./configure --with-ostype=windows ; make ; make w32dist


To build radare2 bindings, you will need to install Vala (valac) for Windows

Then download valabind and build it:

git clone
cd valabind
make install

After you installed valabind, you can build radare2-bindings, for example for Python and Perl:

git clone
cd radare2-bindings
./configure --enable=python,perl
make install

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