Command-line Options

The radare core accepts many flags from command line.

An excerpt from usage help message:

$ radare2 -h
Usage: r2 [-dDwntLqv] [-P patch] [-p prj] [-a arch] [-b bits] [-i file] [-s addr] [-B blocksize] [-c cmd] [-e k=v] file|-

   -a [arch]    set asm.arch
   -A           run 'aa' command to analyze all referenced code
   -b [bits]    set asm.bits
   -B [baddr]   set base address for PIE binaries
   -c 'cmd..'   execute radare command
   -C           file is host:port (alias for -c+=http://%s/cmd/)
   -d           use 'file' as a program for debug
   -D [backend] enable debug mode (e cfg.debug=true)
   -e k=v       evaluate config var
   -f           block size = file size
   -h, -hh      show help message, -hh for long
   -i [file]    run script file
   -k [kernel]  set asm.os variable for asm and anal
   -l [lib]     load plugin file
   -L           list supported IO plugins
   -m [addr]    map file at given address
   -n           disable analysis
   -N           disable user settings
   -q           quiet mode (no promt) and quit after -i
   -p [prj]     set project file
   -P [file]    apply rapatch file and quit
   -s [addr]    initial seek
   -S           start r2 in sandbox mode
   -t           load rabin2 info in thread
   -v, -V       show radare2 version (-V show lib versions)
   -w           open file in write mode

Common usage patterns of command-line options.

  • Open a file in write mode without parsing the file format headers.

    $ r2 -nw file

  • Quickly get into an r2 shell without opening any file.

    $ r2 -

Specify which sub-binary you want to select when opening a fatbin file:

$ r2 -a ppc -b 32 ls.fat

Run a script before showing interactive command-line prompt:

$ r2 -i patch.r2 target.bin

Execute a command and quit without entering the interactive mode:

$ r2 -qc ij hi.bin > imports.json

Configure an eval variable:

$ r2 -e scr.color=false blah.bin

Debug a program:

$ r2 -d ls

Use an existing project file:

$ r2 -p test

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