Radare2 Reference Card

Survival Guide

Command Description
aa Auto analyze
pdf@fcn(Tab) Disassemble function
f fcn(Tab) List functions
f str(Tab) List strings
fr [flagname] [newname] Rename flag
psz [offset] Print string
arf [flag] Find cross reference for a flag


Command Description
fs Display flagspaces
fs * Select all flagspaces
fs [sections] Select one flagspace


Command Description
f List flags
fs * Select all flagspaces
fs [sections] Select one flagspace
fj Display flags in JSON
fl Show flag length
fx Show hexdump of flag
fC [name] [comment] Set flag comment


Command Description
ii Information on imports
iI Info on binary
ie Display entrypoint
iS Display sections
ir Display relocations
Command Description
psz [offset] Print zero terminated string
psb [offset] Print strings in current block
psx [offset] Show string with scaped chars
psp [offset] Print pascal string
psw [offset] Print wide string

Visual mode

Command Description
V Enter visual mode
p/P Rotate modes (hex, disasm, debug, words, buf)
c Toggle (c)ursor
q Back to Radare shell
hjkl Move around (or HJKL) (left-down-up-right)
Enter Follow address of jump/call
sS Step/step over
o Go/seek to given offset
. Seek to program counter
/ In cursor mode, search in current block
:cmd Run radare command
;[-]cmt Add/remove comment
/*+-[] Change block size, [] = resize hex.cols
>||< Seek aligned to block size
i/a/A (i)nsert hex, (a)ssemble code, visual (A)ssembler
b/B Toggle breakpoint / automatic block size
d[f?] Define function, data, code, ..
D Enter visual diff mode (set diff.from/to)
e Edit eval configuration variables
f/F Set/unset flag
gG Go seek to begin and end of file (0-$s)
mK/’K Mark/go to Key (any key)
M Walk the mounted filesystems
n/N Seek next/prev function/flag/hit (scr.nkey)
o Go/seek to given offset
C Toggle (C)olors
R Randomize color palette (ecr)
t Track flags (browse symbols, functions..)
T Browse anal info and comments
v Visual code analysis menu
V/W (V)iew graph (agv?), open (W)ebUI
uU Undo/redo seek
x Show xrefs to seek between them
yY Copy and paste selection
z Toggle zoom mode


Command Description
/ foo\00 Search for string ’foo\0’
/b Search backwards
// Repeat last search
/w foo Search for wide string ’f\0o\0o\0’
/wi foo Search for wide string ignoring case
/! ff Search for first occurrence not matching
/i foo Search for string ’foo’ ignoring case
/e /E.F/i Match regular expression
/x ff0.23 Search for hex string
/x ff..33 Search for hex string ignoring some nibbles
/x ff43 ffd0 Search for hexpair with mask
/d 101112 Search for a deltified sequence of bytes
/!x 00 Inverse hexa search (find first byte != 0x00)
/c jmp [esp] Search for asm code (see search.asmstr)
/a jmp eax Assemble opcode and search its bytes
/A Search for AES expanded keys
/r sym.printf Analyze opcode reference an offset
/R Search for ROP gadgets
/P Show offset of previous instruction
/m magicfile Search for matching magic file
/p patternsize Search for pattern of given size
/z min max Search for strings of given size
/v[?248] num Look for a asm.bigendian 32bit value


Command Description
Po [file] Open project
Ps [file] Save project
Pi [file] Show project information

Usable variables in expression

Command Description
$$ Here (current virtual seek)
$o Here (current disk io offset)
$s File size
$b Block size
$w Get word size, 4 if asm.bits=32, 8 if 64
$c,$r Get width and height of terminal
$S Section offset
$SS Section size
$j Jump address (jmp 0x10, jz 0x10 => 0x10)
$f Jump fail address (jz 0x10 => next instruction)
$I Number of instructions of current function
$F Current function size
$Jn Get nth jump of function
$Cn Get nth call of function
$Dn Get nth data reference in function
$Xn Get nth xref of function
$m Opcode memory reference (mov eax,[0x10] => 0x10)
$l Opcode length
$e 1 if end of block, else 0
$ev Get value of eval config variable
$? Last comparison value


This chapter is based on the Radare 2 reference card by Thanat0s, which is under the GNU GPL. Original license is as follows:

This card may be freely distributed under the terms of the GNU
general public licence — Copyright c  by Thanat0s - v0.1 -

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